Meeting Focus

by Team Focus


Team Focus is about team working with each other again, or may be "finally together".
At first, the key feature is the team's meetings, then, the project's followups, the team KPI and the customer relationship management.

"KEEP calm and get the focus on!"

Meetings couldn't be un-synchronized monologues!

Sometimes you are looking at people pretending they are talking to each other, but they didn't listen to each other, they eventually listen to themselves... so of course, at the end, nobody is agree and no matter if they make some noise, this is no collaboration, no teamwork, may be politics or kind'a self-centric strategy... let's put the team back in unison!

Projects needs followUps!

Sometimes, a team think everything is alright, they agree at one point but is it simple to keep the focus on the decisions, the project on track? no, that's why it's important to be able to get back to the origin of the task, the "why" and "what" to find the right "how". Of course, if you can do it as a team, it's better than ever!

Any team need KPI!

The key performance indicators are the new 21th century visual leading effect. This isn't just big company story, any team or company size have the right to get it on a day to day basis. It's like the health center for the team!

Take care of the customer!

Is the customer the boss? of course! and as we think that any business needs lot's of customers, it's a lot of bosses to deal with. It's important to manage this relationship as a team, as a unibody group. Customer relationship management mustn't be a punishment, let's make it quality time for good and long business relationship!

Our Team

We are a group of geeks caring of human beings, opened to social interactions, innovation/entrepreneurship & management/education lovers.


Here is an overview of team focus projects.

Minutes Focus

Taking minutes of meetings together to get the focus on!

Watch Focus

Keep track of thought on the go to be able to share with the team ASAP!

Notes Focus

Before and after sharing it during a meeting, it's nice to get personal notes about what you are working on!

Meeting Focus

Manage meetings based on the agenda, show and tell what this is about, capture the feed back, augmented "PowerPoint" for your meetings!

Team Focuses

Manage focuses as a team on the day to day basis, aside of meetings, shared. Followups playground!

CRM Focused

customer <-> team interface, the best way to get the customer memeber of the team, open the doors, so the customer could be king!

Dash Focus

Dashboard for the team, synthetize view for the team, of the projects, of the KPIs!

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